Wood Table Top Radios

I have gone back and forth on these since I started collecting.  At one time I only collected wood radios.  At others I only collected bakelite.  But I always seem to come back to wood, especially the cathedrals.  For these, there is always room for one more.



cord.jpg (41652 bytes)

Cord Blue Mirror

general-piano.jpg (24989 bytes)

General Piano

grunow-500.jpg (31509 bytes)

Grunow 500

guild-buttons.jpg (29510 bytes)

Guild Buttons and Bows (closed)

majestic-174.jpg (38525 bytes)

Majestic 174

WSDarley.jpg (41442 bytes)



WS Darley Crystal

philco60.jpg (33475 bytes)

Philco 60

guild-buttons2.jpg (29690 bytes)

Guild Buttons and Bows (open)