You know all those things that you collect that don't seem to fit any category?  Well here are mine...... from advertising to knick knacks.... from speakers to televisions.  A little bit of everything old and new


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Hushatone Bed Speaker

novelty-clock.jpg (17639 bytes)

Novelty Clock

rca-truck.jpg (24759 bytes)

RCA Truck

novelty-clock2.jpg (12251 bytes)

Novelty Clock

tower-speaker1.jpg (39206 bytes)

Tower Speaker Front

tower-speaker2.jpg (32343 bytes)

Tower Speaker Rear

zenith-clock.jpg (22364 bytes)

 Zenith Clock


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lighter.jpg (12304 bytes)

Lighter/Music Box

nymph-speaker.jpg (30693 bytes)

Stewart Warner Nymph Speaker


zenith-letteropener.jpg (18358 bytes)

Zenith Letter opener

philco-predicta.jpg (31249 bytes)

 Philco Predicta Television


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tubes2.jpg (26791 bytes)

 Eimac Tube


zenith-tubes.jpg (26010 bytes)

Zenith Tubes

Pinball.jpg (49868 bytes)

Pinball Machine

doll-radio.jpg (13336 bytes)

Doll House Radios

majestic-bank.jpg (39445 bytes)

Majestic Bank w/Box

radiogirl-perfume.jpg (31339 bytes)

Radio Girl Perfume

smithsonian.jpg (37267 bytes)

Smithsonian Calendar

vibroplex-key.jpg (26979 bytes)

Vibroplex Key

edison-oil.jpg (31123 bytes)

Edison Battery Oil

zenith-adv.jpg (34563 bytes)

Zenith Advertising

rca-light.jpg (20477 bytes)

RCA Distributor Light

speaker-floor.jpg (35997 bytes)

Floor Speaker -1920's

novelty.jpg (36990 bytes)

Novelty Music Box


rca-moneyclip.jpg (15017 bytes)

RCA Money Clip

ham-carr-catalog.jpg (42634 bytes)

Hamilton Carr Catalog