What happens if you email me?
I read it all and try my best to respond.  Most of the questions I get are already answered elsewhere on the Internet but I still do my best to help everyone who writes.  In addition, below are answers to some of the questions I commonly receive.


Are any of your radios for sale?
None of the radios or other items on this site are for sale.

Do you have radio tubes to help me fix my radio?

One of the largest misconceptions is that replacing tubes will fix a radio.  More often than not, the tubes are good.  That said, do not plug in your old radio.  Leaking or shorted out capacitors are the main repair item with an old radio and plugging in a set before it is checked over by a qualified technician can result in damage to the radio and harm to yourself..


Can you fix my old radio?
I no longer have the time to do repairs for others except in rare instances.  The best repair source in my area is:
Ed Heuther - The Old Radio Shop
1039 Troost Ave., Oak Park, IL 60130
(708) 771-2477 by Appointment Only

Electronic Restoration or Repair.
Service of antique & vintage vacuum tube radios.
Schematic diagram service

Where do you get parts and service information?

Schematics are widely available on the Internet. The best free source is Nostalgia Air  For other parts such as capacitors and bulbs, the best is Bob's Antique Radios.  Replacement cosmetic parts can be found at Rock Sea Enterprises and at Old Time Replications.  There are others but these I have found provide the best service and widest variety.

How much is my old radio worth?
I get this question more than any other.  The real answer is whatever someone is willing to pay you for it. Condition, location, rarity and how it is being sold all affect the "value".  If you really ask me a value, I will quote you the book value. 

Do you still buy radios?

With more than 400 radios the answer is still yes.  I buy one or entire collections. If you have something to sell, it is best to send me pictures, descriptions and price. I will travel almost anywhere in the mid-west to look at collections for sale. And be sure to ask me before you just put that radio in a garage sale thinking no one will want it.


Links to Resources around the Web

I keep this list short because the Internet is ever changing and I cannot spend the time updating large numbers of links. These its have been around a long time and provide the best all-around information

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